Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diet Shmiet

Ok so, I can admit that at one point in my life I was a calorie EXPERT. I could tell you how much you were eating and how much you were burning at the same time. I could probably tell you how many calories I burned while standing on the scale twice a day. Sounds pathetic when I put it that way right? 

But the truth is that too many of us have fallen into this dieting trap. Maybe because of our role models and the way we were raised, and maybe for the sole reason of suffering from body dissatisfaction. So tell me, does this cycle sound familiar?

  1. DIETING/RESTRICTING: Results from feeling unsatisfied with our bodies. Holding ourselves to unattainable standards. Starting off with lots of motivation.
  2. RESULTS: When the pounds start to come off and we're feelin' good.
  3. CRAVINGS: It is a biological fact that when we (as human beings) are deprived, our minds become fixated on that thing and our so called "will-power" gets weaker. So depriving food (a necessity for human survival) will only result in very intense cravings.
  4. REWARDING: "One little taste won't hurt, I will only take one day off", etc.
  5. OVER-INDULGING: Our bodies enter starvation mode and the mere thought that we will never be able to eat Oreos again, is enough to cram the whole bag down our throats without even enjoying the taste.
  6. GUILT: This is the most lethal stage of all. We feel unworthy, depressed, shameful, and fat. We make a vow to never succumb to such ravenous behaviors ever again.
  7. REPEAT.
The reality is this cycle actually triggers a reverse response from which we intended. It results in a sluggish metabolism, numbness to our hunger and satiety levels, and usually we gain back all the weight and then some. Our motivation is continually depleted and each time we re-enter the cycle, our time spent in stage 1 gets shorter while our time in stages 5 and 6 increases.

And yet the thought of never dieting again is terrifying because then we would be out of control and turn into that dreadful f word...... f@+!

Why can't we reconnect with the eaters we were when we were children. When we ate if we were hungry, and stopped when we were full. How can we find those eaters when they have been suppressed for so long?

Believe it or not, there is a way in which we can attain our natural, healthy weight and reconnect with our inner signals at the same time. And all without entering the vicious cycle above. Cool huh?

Let's begin by taking some advice from British propaganda:



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  1. I can totally relate to everything you are saying! your blog is great:) I recently made my own and it would mean so much to me if you could check it out! thank you!! x