Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Battle

I have been to war. 
I have felt defeat. Shame. Guilt. The 'lack of self control'. Obsessing to the point of misery. This growing beast, controlling my thoughts.. emotions.. actions.

I have been to war with Dieting. Sugar. Exercise. Calories. Jealousy. Carbohydrates. Motivation (or lack thereof).

I have been to war with food.
A constant battle with something I love most in life. Completely convinced that this delicious and ESSENTIAL pleasure is also that which will determine my success, potential, and ultimately, my beauty.

Who knew one could obtain such scars from a food fight. But I'm stronger because of it. I raise a victory flag over this enemy which I now, ironically, call my friend. I'm free

I'm excited to share my story and get inspired from all of you that can relate.

Live. Love. Breathe. Enjoy. Believe. Relax. Eat.


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