Friday, January 31, 2014


There are some key reasons why the word trust comes to mind when I think of a healthy and balanced diet.

"I'm afraid to go off my meal plan."
"I don't trust that my body will digest this donut."
"I don't trust myself with foods I like."

Notice how each of these comments imply fear and mistrust. And that is why they are so ineffective.We are trying to fool our bodies into becoming something they're not.  I can't remember the last time I set a restriction for myself and then actually stuck with it for life. Yeah, my "no sugar" resolution came to a grueling halt when that cinnamon cream cake was put in front of my face.
And that's OK.
Our brains are like rebellious children. They recognize our attempts to under-eat, and in return, send powerful chemical impulses to overeat what has been restricted. It becomes a power-hungry struggle between ourselves and our body. As if they are two separate beings.

Sometimes I need to step back and remember to trust my body. It knows whats nutrients it needs and wants. I need to listen to the signals it gives me for hunger and fullness. I need to compliment it for how well it treats me day in and day out. After all, I really don't give my body enough credit.

My thighs carry me up mountains.
My arms catch me when I fall and embrace my loved ones.
My chest breathes in life.
My bum keeps me comfortable during long meetings.
My hips hold the rest of my body up straight and tall.
My tummy continues to digest whether I mistreat it or not.

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